DestructoDisk - AR400 Antweight Weapon - 46mm

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DestructoDisk - AR400 Antweight Weapon - 46mm

The OwObotics DestructoDisks have been mathematically designed to optimise both bite and energy storage. Laser cut from 3mm AR400 (Hardox equiv.), they will virtually never lose their tooth when fighting other UK antweights - unlike titanium or stainless steel weapons, which are quick to become blunt. This disk is designed to fit the class standard DYS BE1806 motor via M2 screws, but the slots allow for mounting on to any motor with up to 9mm PCD bolt holes.

Weight class: UK Antweight/US Fairyweight
Thickness: 3mm

46mm Specs:
Weight: 15.4g
Effective diameter: 46.6mm

OwObotics is not responsible for any damage or harm caused by use of this product. Spinners are dangerous and should not be tested or used outside of a safe environment, such as a test arena. You, the customer, must understand the risks involved before making a purchase.