Team Ogrekill "DONKEY" - Beetleweight Wedge Kit

£249.99 - £339.99
Team Ogrekill "DONKEY" - Beetleweight Wedge Kit

Built by UK Beetleweight legend Sam Price, the DONKEY beetleweight wedge kit is tough, versatile, easy to maintain, and primed for modifications, making it a great first step into beetleweight combat robotics.

You'll just need to add a LiPo battery and a receiver to get your kit running, and we'll be able to help each step of the way.

There are a number of product options including the choice to upgrade to a much tougher HARDOX front plow, and incredibly strong and powerful OPbox MkIV brushless drives.

Weight - 1.12kg
Chassis material - 15mm HDPE
Wedge material - 3mm Mild steel / 3mm HARDOX
Drive - 22mm Brushed / OPbox MkIV Brushless

Please note: colours may vary

Each DONKEY kit is made to order, so please allow up to three weeks for it to ship!