MegaDestructo - AR500 Beetleweight Spinner Assembly

MegaDestructo - AR500 Beetleweight Spinner Assembly

With the MegaDestructo beetlweight weapon assembly, roofing your opponent has never been easier! With a 124mm effective diameter and weighing in at a meaty 370g including bolts, bearings and hubs, this weapon is not to be trifled with.

The MegaDestructo setup has been used by some terrifying UK beetleweights, including BadFutherMucker and End Boss, tearing their way through beater bars, drums, wedges and lifters alike.

The disk is cut from 10mm Raex 500 for extra cutting power and longevity, with super smooth dual 608 bearings inside the disk itself, and highly impact resistant TPU pulleys/hubs.

To mount the weapon, you'll need an 8mm axle, preferably a shoulder bolt, in your required length. To drive the weapon, we recommend 4mm green polyurethane round belts to a 2836 sized motor.

CAD files are available at: