OwObotics BE1806 2300kv For Gearboxes

£13.99 - £15.99
OwObotics BE1806 2300kv For Gearboxes

This custom version of the BE1806 was created with a 5.5mm extended shaft from the front of the motor, allowing for easier, stronger pinion fitting. The circlip is kept butted to the motor, ensuring that the can cannot pull off, a common failure mode with brushless drive setups.

These are the same motors featured in the OwObotics OPbox MKII Brushless Drive System, so are perfect for spares, or for creating your own brushless drives.

The motors can be supplied with an OPbox pinion, fitted using our Secret Sauce method - choose this option before adding to cart.

Voltage: 2S-4S LiPo
Speed: 2300kv
Torque (Theoretical): 0.220Nm @3S LiPo, 0.294Nm @4S LiPo
Diameter: 23mm
Shaft diameter: 2mm
Shaft length: 5.5mm
Total length: 27mm